Friday, March 27, 2015

PaperArtsy Grunge Paste "Springtime Nesting"

These birdies are ready for spring and found a nice home to nest in.  I was able to try a couple new things with this challenge:  mixing beads in my texture paste and working with clay!

I started with a wooden birdhouse and used textured paste thru a new stencil.  Then I mixed some aqua paint with my textured paste and added some mini beads for added texture.  I spread this in spots on all four sides. 

Next I mixed a light brown with some texture pasts and spread in spots on the sides.  Into the brown paste I stuck a few bronze beads so they could give the house a little shine.

The roof got a bit of the brown texture paste with beads added. I mixed orange and white to soften some of the roof and highlighted with orange.  Orange highlights were used around parts of the house as well as some aqua paint.

I used white clay to make the birds.  After they baked, I painted each with the aqua and gave them some orange highlights.  A thin glaze added a nice finish.  Beads were used for their eyes.

To attach the bird to the roof, I put a hole in the bird and also on the roof top then stuck a piece of wire in and glued him down.  Mama bird was glued to the base.


  1. What a pretty, little bird-house. I like the effect of the beads mixed in with the Texture. xx

    1. Thank you from one Julie Ann to another!!

  2. I saw this as I was linking my birdhouse! Love the beads you incorporated.

  3. Thats lovely! Great colours and what a cool idea to add the beads! Fab! Cx