Thursday, April 2, 2015

PaperArtsy Grunge Paste Challenge (2) Springy Birds

My second entry for PaperArtsy's  Grunge Paste Challenge is "Springy Birds".  Using my texture paste and Gelatos, I went at it with paste and color.

I wanted to use a stretched canvas to display my birds and flower and just happened to have one on hand.  I also was excited to pull out my Gelatos I received as a gift, and have some fun.

First I worked on the flower and some grass using texture paste.  After the paste dried, I played with my Gelatos using the green for grass and a mix of 4 colors for the flower.  I love the way just a bit of water spread the color around so nicely.  Then set aside to dry.

Next was drawing the bird shapes on the canvas along with their legs.  I let this dry a bit.  Then had fun with each of the 4 flower colors on 4 different birds and then mixed the colors on the tiny top bird.  Again I used some water to spread the colors out and past some of the outlined birds.

I cut wings for each bird from some canvas fabric.  I stitched around each wing to keep the fraying contained and then used the same color Gelato on the wing and again used some water to spread.  I attached the wings with 3 French knots to the bird.

I used a large bead for each bird eye and stitch onto the canvas.  Then I matched some of the colors used in the flower with beads and glued them around the flower.

The stem is a piece of cord that I glued down, then sketched some leaves that I colored with the green Gelato.


  1. This is gorgeous julie, I love the effect of the gelatos with the grunge paste, so vibrant!

    Lucy x

    1. Thanks Lucy! Loved using the gelatos.

  2. Thanks Wanda! Glad you like my piece.