Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Inchie flower book PaperArtsy Challenge

So much fun working in miniature.  Thanks to PaperArtsy for the challenge!

Decided to do my first inchie on paper, though I have plans for some fabric inchies.  Using white corrugated paper for my front and back covers and embossed white paper, I set about cutting my inchie "squares"...I left them a bit wider for the rings.

Keeping spring in mind, I used pastels thru most of the book.  So, painting the pages was next and then after they dried, some embossing for a little shine.

Next was working on the flowers.  I used mini buttons on the cover, made two tatted flowers, some metal flower beads, cut out of patterned paper two lovely glittered flowers, a page of 4 mini-mini patterned flowers, a couple of purchased paper flowers, a sweet pink flower button......and some sequins topped with French Knots. 

I wrote flowers, bloom, Beauty, and petal on pink handmade paper and attached to some pages. 

 I glued the pages back to back.  Then used a paper piercing tool to make two holes on each set of pages for my rings.

 Then I curved  wire to make two rings and slid the pages together on the rings.

Love my first inchie book!


  1. How cute is this! Love how you have put this together.

  2. How cute is this! Love how you have put this together.

  3. I love how you started with corrugated card, and it developed into a spring floral fling! Very cute!