Monday, March 16, 2015

Deconstruction PaperArtsy #5

Love this challenge from PaperArtsy!  How fun to take something apart and use the pieces for a new piece of art!!  I decided to use some catalogs I was ready to toss and create an inspiration collage.

Spent an evening ripping up my catalogs with the thought of picking out creative-inspiring words and also long strips to make a woven base.

Black and white strips were laid out vertically and then strips with color were woven thru horizontally.  A spot of glue went under each top piece after weaving to hold the stips secure. While the glue dried, I picked out the words to display.  Using small cutup pieces of cardboard I attached a background cutout from my quilting catalogs and then glued the words on top of these.

After the glue dried on the background, I stamped on some color and did some embossing.

The woven background was attached to a heavy duty piece of cardboard.  Then the words were attached using brads.  A raffia ribbon was added to the top for hanging my piece.

It now has a place on a bulletin board where I do my crafting.
Thanks to PaperArtsy for your inspiration on this challenge!

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