Saturday, January 31, 2015

Shrinking Hearts

Mixed Media Monthly Challenge  January 2015  "New To You" 
Shrinking Hearts
Shrink Plastic is new to me!  I only remember playing with "Shrinky Dinks" years ago with my children and since they had to go into the oven, Mom needed to supervise. 
I cut out the shrink plastic into 3 sizes of hearts, then roughed them up with sandpaper.  Next I dabbed on some paint to a heart stamp and stamped the middle of the heart.  When that side was dry, I dabbed the same paint on the back of the heart.  Next I punched a hole with a paper punch, some at the top and others at the sides.
Now came the fun!  I used my heat gun and in less than a minute the heart began to shrink - quickly!  Several times it collapsed into the middle, but I was able to pry back the sides and keep on shrinking until the heart lay flat.
I threaded the heart with some string and added other fibers for embellishment. 
My Shrinking Hearts now has a place in the middle of the Fragile Hearts I made and are hanging in my foyer.
Fun stuff.  I'll use the shrink plastic for other projects.

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